Every year a honey bee hives naturally splits. This is where half of the hive and the existing Queen leave the hive and find a new home. They can go on tree branches or hang on other objects until they find a suitable place. Most of the time this will be in a tree or in a home. This is called a bee swarm.

bees swarmSwarms of bees will gather on tree branches and other objects, They will send out scouts that are searching for a new home. NBWC does remove swarms but contact us ASAP. If they have found a new home, we won't have much time before they move in. Once the bees have moved into a home we have to use other methods to remove them.

4 ways to remove Honey Bees from Homes

Many pest control companies will offer spraying service ( WE DO NOT). They will come in with a pesticide and kill the bees inside. This is the cheapest method if the bees have just moved in. If the colony has started to build comb and they are bringing in honey, THIS IS NOT THE BEST METHOD. The wax comb and honey will draw ants, roaches, wax moths, flies ,maggots and other pests. They will come back season after season and if you use this method you had better have your pest control company on speed dial.

Forced abscond-

abscondThis method has limited applications. It is where we force the bees out of the cavity either with smoke or other chemicals. When the bees come out we will suck them up in a bee vacuum and humanely relocate them. The cavity must not have any places the bees can escape or it just won't work. We are not removing the wax and honey so you will have other pest problems.

Trap out-
trap outWith this method we will construct a one way device that the bees can exit and just can't get back in. We will place a beehive next to the area so we can collect the displaced bees and they have a place to put honey and build comb. This method can take weeks or months to complete and if the bees find an area they can get in they will start using it. Once the bees start to bring in honey / pollen the Nursery bees and Queen will exit and the area can be repaired. We will use this method only in brick and foundation blocks. This method also leaves the honey and wax and you will have other pest problems.

Cut Outs-

This is the method we use 90% of the time and is the only method that will remove the bees, wax and honey. We will open up the cavity and Vacuum out the bees and remove the comb/honey and seal up the entries. Initially this method takes the most time and costs the most. But once clients figures out the cost to have a spraying service come out yearly, it is cheaper.

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